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How should we avoid man-made accidents during the lifting process?

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Judging from the information status display information of the safety accident data generated by the lifting equipment and machinery in China, the casualties and property losses caused by the safety accident of the machinery and equipment are extremely great. In the ever-increasing failure rate of lifting equipment, machinery and equipment, although we cannot manipulate safety accidents to prevent them from occurring, we can prevent safety accidents as much as possible during our work. Authoritative experts summarized the actual work that must be done to reduce the probability of safety accidents:

The actual operation staff shall be required to have actual qualification certificates and must also carry out relevant evaluations before they can be admitted to the post after reaching the standard.

The actual operation staff of the lifting equipment shall strictly follow the safety production technical and technical standards to avoid violations, and shall implement it in the actual maintenance work.

Application companies should improve the safety awareness of workers so that they can actively prevent unsafe personal behaviors, and provide relative safety emergency measures, practical operations, maintenance and other professional technical training, evaluation and other work.

VOHOBOO should strictly follow the safety regulations for the natural surroundings of the project construction, and remove the goods that are not related to obstructing the view or the actual operation, etc., and try to minimize the placement of strong pH or flammable and explosive materials around the construction. Blocks, if they are necessary blocks, then security measures should be taken.





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