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How does the electric hoist of the bridge crane move?

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The bridge crane is generally horizontally framed on the workshop, fixed at both ends, and an electric hoist is hung on it to run left and right. Let’s take a look at how to move it in detail.


The raising organization of the overhead crane is composed of raising motors, reducers, reels, brakes, etc. The raising motor is connected with the reducer through a coupling, the brake wheel, the output shaft of the reducer are connected with the reel of the winding wire rope, and the other end of the wire rope is equipped with a hook. When the reel rotates, the hook will accompany the wire rope in the reel. The rising or falling of the upper part will be entangled or released. Regarding cranes with a lifting capacity of 15t and above, there are two sets of lifting organizations, namely the main hook and the auxiliary hook.


With the rotation of the tower wheel, the weight of the bridge crane moves up and down on the hook. During this operation, the car moves left and right in the width direction of the workshop, and can move back and forth in the length direction of the workshop together with the cart. In this way, the heavy objects can be moved in the straight, horizontal and straight directions, and the heavy objects can be moved to any position in the workshop to complete the lifting and transportation tasks.





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