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How does the electric chain hoist lift the goods?

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Improper starting and running methods of the electric chain hoist when lifting heavy objects will cause the electric hoist to have an accident. When the electric chain hoist lifts heavy objects, the car should be parked when the chain is taut, and the hook can be identified again according to the direction of the hook shaking; at the same time, the lifting operator should check whether the hanging object is firmly attached;


When the electric chain hoist is lifted, it should not be too fast, it should be lifted smoothly when starting, and the lifting speed can be accelerated when the hanging object is free from the obstacle; the hanging object lifted by the electric hoist is not easy to be too high, and generally should not exceed the safety channel The highest object is 0.5m.


When the electric chain hoist is running in the hanging object. If the premise allows, it is best to lift it about 0.5m off the ground, and the operator should stabilize the object behind the electric hoist, and run around the obstacle under the operator's command. When the electric hoist is running, do not run intermittently. When running at long intervals, it is better to run with electricity for a long time.


The electric chain hoist should ensure that the lifting is stable during operation. If the hanging object swings or shakes, the hook should be stabilized while running, and should not be allowed to shake or swing. Using the correct method can increase the service life of the electric hoist. If any abnormality is found in the electric hoist product, the operation should be stopped immediately for inspection.





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