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How do feed mills use electric hoists correctly?

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Feed mills often use electric hoists to lift, stack and palletize private materials or finished products. They can be used alone or in combination with buckets to form electric buckets. Commonly used electric hoists are available in fixed and electric-operated trolleys. The main structure of the hoist consists of three main components: the intermediate reel device (including the sheave and the guide wheel), the reducer at one end and the conical brake motor.

Correct use of electric hoists:

1. officially use the money every day, try the empty car first.

Button car: The switch is sensitive and reliable, and the button mark is consistent with the hoist action.

Limit action: reliable and accurate.

Operation: The sound of the lifting reducer is normal, the motor brake is reliable, and the running car is flexible.

Wire rope: The winding is normal, the rope guide rope is reliable, and there is no rope.

Hook: flexible swinging (the pulley is flexible, the hook should be able to rotate 360° horizontally, and the vertical swing of the hook is 180°).

2. matters needing attention

It is forbidden to exceed the rated rating for lifting. Under the hook, the stationer, the slanting crane, the sudden reverse, and the limiter are used as switches.

It is strictly forbidden to use according to the rated working system, otherwise it will reduce the life of the hoist, the motor brake failure and burning.

3. Reasonable hooking, lifting and picking.

When the brake fails and the slide suddenly increases (slipping), immediately press the raise button to slowly drop the heavy object.

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