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Hook type electric chain hoist-model HHBB 0.5 tons

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The hook-type electric chain hoist is what we usually call the fixed electric chain hoist, that is, there is only one hook on the top without a sports car, as shown in the figure below, this is a 0.5-ton HHBB-style electric chain hoist, let’s explain it below Let's take a look at this electric chain hoist.



When you use it, you can find a weighing lifting point and hang it directly on it, but you can’t walk left and right. You can only lift it up and down on the spot. If you don’t need to walk left and right, you can directly choose this electric The hoist is fine. If you want to move left and right, you can choose the running electric chain hoist. The running electric hoist is equipped with a sports car on the top. It can be used with a gantry crane to walk left and right and lift up and down, which is very convenient.


Whether you are using a hook-type electric chain hoist or a running-type electric chain hoist, you need to pay attention to the following items:


1: Before use, you need to test the performance for a few minutes without load


2: Don't use it with overload. Overload use will increase the load-bearing capacity of the equipment, which may damage the I-beam or even cause the danger of heavy objects falling.


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