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Hazards of emergency braking of electric chain hoist

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When the electric chain hoist is in use, the user may perform emergency braking of the electric hoist due to some emergencies. Emergency braking can bring us safety in the operation, but you know the harm of emergency braking to the electric hoist. How big is it? Let's discuss with you the hazards of emergency braking of electric chain hoists.


1. During the lifting process of the electric chain hoist, due to a sudden sudden braking action, it may be due to strong inertial force or even torque force, which will easily damage the transmission system.


2. One of the most obvious hazards of emergency braking is that it is very easy to burn the motor, which will cause a fall accident.


3. The sudden braking of the electric chain hoist will also cause the heavy objects to shake violently, and in serious cases, the heavy objects may fall and be damaged.


4. Sudden braking will cause damage to the friction pads and shorten the service life of the friction pads.


The electric chain hoist has a large lifting weight. For the sake of safety, we must follow the correct operating rules and standardize the operation of the electric hoist during the operation. During the use process, try to avoid emergency braking, reduce damage to components, and ensure safe operation.





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