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Hazard identification of electric hoist

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Electric hoists may have various accidents and dangers. In order to avoid dangerous accidents, we must first have a certain ability to identify these hazards. The main hazards of electric hoist are: brake failure, limit failure, defective wire rope, hanging object (or under someone), wrong operation, overload, grounding failure, etc.

Brake failure: collision, smashing or equipment accident. Need to check frequently to keep the braking device flexible and effective.

Limit failure: collision, smashing people or equipment, and over-rolling and topping accidents. Need to check frequently to keep the limit device flexible and effective.

The wire rope is defective: the hanging object falls and hurts people or damages the equipment. Frequent inspections are required, and those with broken wires, kinks, and severe corrosion should be replaced.

Hanging objects (or people below): personal injury. Evacuate personnel before hoisting, and the hanging objects cannot pass above people.

Wrong operation: collision, person or equipment accident occurred. Need to operate according to the specification.

Overload: The hanging object rolls over, falls, hurts people, or damages equipment. Lift according to rated load.

Zero grounding failure: electric shock accident occurred. Install a leakage protection device; the zero grounding must be intact.

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