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Harm of using explosion-proof hoist with overload

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The manual hoist has the advantages of compact structure, light weight, small size, convenient carrying, safety and reliability, long service life, and small lever force. The manual hoist can perform lifting, traction, lowering, calibration and other operations. If equipped with a special device, not only can it be used for non-linear traction operations, but also a suitable operating position can be easily selected, or the load capacity can be doubled by a smaller tonnage machine. For larger tonnage loads, several machines can be used in parallel. operation. The use and maintenance of manual hoists are as follows:

1. Before using the manual hoist, a detailed inspection should be carried out, such as whether the hook, manual and shaft are deformed or damaged, whether the manual at the end of the manual is firmly fixed, whether the transmission part is flexible, and whether the bracelet manual has a sliding manual or a hanging manual phenomenon.

2. Before use, check whether the lifting manual is twisted. If there is twisting, it should be placed smoothly before use.

3. After the rewind manual is tightened slightly during use, check whether there is any change in each part, and then try the self-locking conditions of the friction plate, disc and a ratchet ring to see if they are in good condition. After the inspection is confirmed as good, the work can be continued. .

4. When lifting, the manual should not be overloaded. When using in any direction, the direction of the zipper should be the same as the direction of the sprocket. Take care to prevent the hand zipper from falling out of the groove.

5. During the use of the reverse manual, the number of people on the zipper should be determined according to the lifting capacity of the reverse manual. If the hand zipper cannot be pulled, the reason should be found out, and the number of people should not be increased arbitrarily to avoid accidents.

6. The rotating parts should be oiled frequently to ensure lubrication and reduce wear. However, the lubricating oil must not be penetrated into the friction bakelite to prevent self-locking failure.

7. If the lifted heavy objects need to be stopped for a long time halfway, the hand should be bolted to the lifting manual to prevent self-locking failure due to too long time.




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