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Four inspection contents of electric chain hoist system

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For the electric chain hoist we use, we need to check the system at a certain interval, and check the four items. We will give you a detailed introduction below.


1. Integrity inspection of components: This is a more important item in the inspection of electric chain hoists. Users can observe with their eyes to identify its basic conditions and observe whether there are wear, cracks, etc. that affect the integrity.


2. Check the lubrication of components: For some components that need to be lubricated, such as chains, gears, bearings, etc., it is necessary to regularly check their conditions to determine whether they need to be lubricated, so as to maintain their performance and reduce wear and tear.


3. Inspection of overall performance: This is mainly judged by operation, mainly by hearing, and the electric chain hoist with good performance will not produce abnormal noise.


4. Inspection of the power supply: The power supply is the premise to ensure the operation of the electric chain hoist. It is of great importance to check the power supply of the electric hoist. Users can learn more about it in the previous article.


The above four items belong to the inspection contents of electric chain hoists, which need to be carried out regularly while keeping in mind, so that potential problems can be found and it is convenient for you to deal with them in time.





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