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Four classifications of cranes and their characteristics

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The cranes we usually contact are actually just some of the many products, and some are relatively new.


Cranes can be roughly divided into four categories. The first category is light and small cranes. These products are characterized by lightness, compact structure, simple movement, and the operating range is mainly based on points and lines. And they generally have only one lifting mechanism, which can only perform a single lifting dance, typically represented by jacks, electric hoists, winches, etc.


The second type is a bridge crane. Compared with the previous type, it has a big change. It can make the weight hanging on the hook or other picking device to achieve vertical lifting or horizontal movement, mainly by lifting It is composed of lifting mechanism, large and small car running mechanism, etc. Bridge crane, gantry crane, metallurgical bridge crane, cable crane, etc. are included.


The third type is a jib crane. The lifting mechanism, luffing mechanism, rotating mechanism, etc. constitute a completed lifting device. Depending on the cooperation of these mechanisms, the heavy object can be lifted in a certain cylindrical space. Moving. More familiar jib cranes include automobile cranes, tire cranes, tower cranes, portal cranes, floating cranes and the like.


One type is called a lift. When it picks up heavy objects, it can only lift along the guide rail, but there are many other auxiliary devices, such as elevators and freight elevators. 





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