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Foreign customers visit and order

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Vohoboo has been committed to the production of the highest quality products and provide the most intimate service, which is the most important reason that always attracted foreign customers to visit. After the communication between us, the customer further deepened the confidence in our service and our products, and expressed the intention to further cooperation.

March 2, 2017, Vohoboo greeted a guest from Indian, he came to our factory to site inspection the motors for crane and hoist. Because this client's galvanized plate workshop is high acidity, our engineer design the motor with anti-corrosive function according to their requirement.

clients- vohoboo.jpg

Below hoisting motor for overhead crane in galvanized plate workshop.

hoist lift motor.png

This client is very satisfied with quality of motors, so he order 5T and 10T European hoist during April and May of 2017.

Safety package before delivery:

1.Eurpean Hoist 5ton.png

2. Eurpean Hoist 10ton.png




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