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Explosion-proof electric chain hoist hoisting chain manufacturing process

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The explosion-proof electric chain hoist is a chain electric hoist. The chain of this electric chain hoist is made of G80 alloy steel, which is very tough. Do you know what kind of process is used to make such a chain?


The lifting chain is made of 20M2 alloy steel, which is made with carbon fire treatment process, and has strong friction force through the following methods.


Surface polishing process

Grinding and polishing can make the process of the chain hoist very simple. After the construction is completed, the rough surface of the surface is removed and polished to a smooth surface.


Black cooking process

This technology can make the black and black of the chain shine, increase the strength, can fully prevent rust, and increase the toughness.


Galvanized treatment

The galvanized chain will have a white feel, and there is a galvanized layer on the surface, which can effectively prevent the chain from rusting and corroding.


The lifting chain adopts the above-mentioned manufacturing techniques to make the chain more tough and endurance during use.





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