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Explain the safety prevention skills of electric hoist

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The safety measures of electric hoist are the premise to ensure the safety of use. Mastering these skills can avoid more safety accidents. The safety prevention skills of electric hoist are as follows:

1. During the construction process, the construction personnel shall carry out the construction in accordance with the relevant safety operation regulations, strengthen the quality education of the construction personnel, and enhance the safety awareness. No smoking.

2. All projects should be approved by the supervisory authority before construction starts.

3. Before the construction of the project, a safety officer is assigned. When the construction technicians lay out the construction tasks step by step, they must clarify the safety technical measures step by step, and they must complete the signature procedures for the clarifier and the recipient. , Supervise and inspect.

4. Fences, covers, and safety warning signs must be set up in construction sites such as fore pits, wells, holes, steep slopes, and electrical equipment.

5. Electricians, crane workers, truckers and welders should hold special work permits, and it is strictly forbidden for undocumented personnel to take posts.

6. The electrical equipment, tools and wires used at the construction site must be maintained and managed by full-time electricians.

7. Temporary electricity use is strictly carried out in accordance with the three-phase five-wire system, in compliance with the electrical safety work regulations.

8. Work in high places must wear a safety belt, wear a safety helmet, and carry tools, parts, materials, etc. must be put into a tool bag.

9. The lifting command must be performed by a person with experience in lifting. The password should be clear and consistent during the command; there should be a warning sign within the lifting range. Any unauthorized personnel within the lifting operation radius are strictly prohibited from entering and exiting.

10. The ladder used in the construction shall be inspected and qualified by the safety officer, and shall be provided with good anti-skid measures when used, and shall be attended by a designated person. The scaffolding to be erected shall be inspected by the safety officer and the construction worker to determine the firmness and ensure safety before use.

11. Full-time safety personnel shall be deployed on the construction site, safety signs shall be hung at each construction site, fire-fighting appliances shall be equipped, and frequent inspection shall be conducted to ensure safe and reliable use. The safety officer should always check the situation of each construction site, eliminate illegal operations, eliminate hidden dangers, and do a good job in safety production.

12. To achieve a civilized construction, the equipment and equipment should be neatly discharged, and the site should be cleaned after construction to maintain a good construction environment.





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