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Explain the safety issues of electric hoist

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The safety of electric hoist must be paid attention to, and the safety of electric hoist in use is extremely important.

Before use, the electric hoist must be started for no-load operation, and the flexibility of each component must be checked, and whether there is any abnormal noise.

It is strictly forbidden to use it with overload. When lifting heavy objects close to the load, there should be weight basis or evaluation.

Resolutely prohibit tilting and lifting heavy objects and dragging heavy objects along the ground with a gourd.

It is forbidden to ride on the lifting object, and it is strictly forbidden to use the electric hoist as the lift passenger equipment.

No one should stand under the lifting object.

Lifting objects and hooks are not allowed to be lifted when they are swinging.

Do not lift objects connected to the ground.

Do not use electric hoist to hang objects in the air for a long time.

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