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Explain the methods and techniques of electric hoist lifting slender components

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When using electric hoist to transport slender components (such as square wood, steel pipe, steel grating, etc.), it is very important to tie the components firmly and select the balanced lifting points of the components.

1. When hoisting and transporting the grille steel frame, use the electric hoist close to the side of the cross channel to hoist it. The rigging should be tightly tied to the main rib and tied to 1/3 of the length of the grille.

2. When transporting over-limit hard objects, do not transport multiple pieces in bundles at one time, only one piece at a time, and tie the rigging to 1/3 of the length of the article. If the surface of the article is smooth, add a wooden block. Increase friction to prevent items from falling off. The above two items must be ensured to be vertical and not shaking.

3. When the material is allowed to be transported in the limited length, the following safety schemes shall be adopted.

(1) Multiple bundles should be tied up by a dedicated person, and the hanging point should be centered to ensure that the tied objects are level during the transportation process until the operation is completed.

(2) Items can be put into the earth bucket, but the lower end must face the side where the bottom door of the earth bucket connects with the bucket body, and cannot be placed in the earth bucket at the mouth of the well.

(3) When transporting soft and long materials, bundle the items in a plate and firmly.

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