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Explain the inspection and test after installation of electric hoist

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Electric hoist is divided into two types: wire rope electric hoist and chain electric hoist. It is a small lifting equipment. Electric hoist has the characteristics of small size, light weight, simple operation and convenient use. The inspection and test methods after installation of the electric hoist are as follows:

1. Check whether all lubricating parts have enough lubricating grease.

2. Whether the track combination is reliable.

3. The power supply at the installation site should be able to ensure that the input voltage of the motor is not less than 90% of the rated voltage when the motor is running (pay attention to prevent the power supply voltage from being too long and the cross section of the cable to cause excessive voltage drop). Please pay attention to the phase sequence when turning on the power.

4. When the electric hoist is unloaded, turn on the power and carry out the forward and reverse test. Check the control buttons, stoppers, rope guides and other devices. At this time, the control circuit should be correct, and the running direction should be consistent with the direction indicated by the button. normal.

5. If the wire rope is loosened and wound in disorder, readjust it.

6. Start the lifting and running mechanism at the rated load, and check whether the operation is normal, whether the sliding distance meets the regulations, and whether the reducer is leaking.

7. The position of the stop block of the limit rod device should be adjusted after installation. The specific method is not required: start the electric hoist with no load. When the hook rises to a high position, the rope guide touches the stop block on the right to push the limit rod ——Limiter, cut off the ascending circuit, and the hook stops ascending. At this time, the distance between the upper end of the pulley shell and the lower end of the drum shell should be 50-150mm. Similarly, the descending circuit should be cut off when the hook is lowered to a low position , The hook stops descending. At this time, there must be 2-3 loops (safety circle) of wire rope on the reel.






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