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Explain the explosion-proof structure of explosion-proof electric hoist

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Explosion-proof electric hoist is suitable for occasions containing flammable gas, explosive mixture formed by steam and air. It has the advantages of compact structure, light weight, small volume, and large lifting capacity. The explosion-proof structural parts of the explosion-proof electric hoist are as follows:

Flameproof fire stopper and rope guide: In order to prevent accidents such as the hook exceeding the limit position and the overlapping and loosening of the wire rope, the flameproof fire stopper and rope guide are used as joint control. The rope guide moves left and right with the retracting and unwinding of the wire rope on the reel. When the hook reaches the upper or lower limit position, the rope guide moves the stop block to drive the limit rod and push the limiter to move the motor to power off , Stop rising or falling.

Explosion-proof motor: both the lifting and operation adopt the explosion-proof cone-rotor motor, which has the characteristics of generating axial magnetic pulling force. The motor starts and brakes by means of axial magnetic pulling force, spring and brake wheel.

Explosion-proof electrical control box, control buttons and electrical principles: The explosion-proof electrical control box is installed on the left side of the reducer or on the opposite side of the operating device and the motor. The power supply enters the box through the flexible cable power inlet, and the control box passes through the cable. Connected with control buttons, stoppers and motors.

Explosion-proof overload limiter: According to user needs, an explosion-proof overload limiter can be added. It is a safety protection device to prevent overload during lifting operations. It will automatically alarm when the lifting capacity reaches 95% of the rated load, and automatically cut off when it reaches 105%. The power supply achieves the purpose of overload protection.





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