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Environment and requirements of explosion-proof electric hoist

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Explosion-proof electric hoist is a kind of light and small lifting equipment. The explosion-proof electric hoist is light in weight, small in size and large in lifting capacity. When the workshop is filled with explosive mixtures, it is necessary to improve working conditions and increase labor productivity under the premise of ensuring safety. Favorable tools are necessary mechanical equipment for production. The environmental and mechanical explosion-proof requirements for explosion-proof electric hoists are as follows:

1. The explosion-proof hoist is usually operated indoors, the working environment temperature is -20℃-40℃, the relative air humidity is not more than 85%, and the altitude should not exceed 1000m.

2. The use environment of explosion-proof hoist should have good ventilation and necessary facilities.

3. In order to prevent the danger caused by sparks and dangerous temperature caused by mechanical friction or collision, the exposed parts of the explosion-proof hoist with relative frictional movement should take speed limit measures or other explosion-proof measures, such as wire rope and drum or chain and sprocket. The linear speed and the running speed of the explosion-proof hoist trolley on the track should not be greater than 25m/min.

4. The starting and braking of the explosion-proof hoist should be stable, and it should be able to avoid visible sparks.

5. The wire rope or chain should have reliable lubrication. There should not be any broken wires on the surface of the steel wire ropes that are obviously exposed. The steel wire ropes that may cause frictional sparks on the exposed steel wires should be replaced in time.

6. When there are more than two explosion-proof hoists on the same track, an anti-collision buffer device should be installed between the explosion-proof hoists.

7. The outer surface of the hook device should have a warning sign of "No collision". When the explosion-proof level is IIC, the hook should take measures to prevent dangerous sparks from impact or friction.

8. Explosion-proof brakes should be used for working brakes used in explosive gas environments, and those used in flammable dust environments should be installed in dust-tight enclosures. If a safety brake is installed, corresponding explosion-proof measures should be taken.

9. When a safety clutch is installed, explosion-proof measures should be taken for the safety clutch.

10. The safety performance of the tools used in the maintenance of the explosion-proof hoist should meet the requirements.




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