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Electric hoist operators should have the ability to respond to emergencies

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The ability to respond to emergencies is a must-have skill for an electric hoist operator. It is inevitable that emergencies will occur in the use of electric hoists. It may be other people walking around, it may be damage to accessories, or it may be that the electric hoist cannot be used. , It may also be the phenomenon of sliding when lifting heavy objects, etc. The operator must have the ability to respond to these emergencies.

After the equipment is started, if the electric shock does not work, and the cargo cannot be lifted, this situation is generally caused by the following reasons: voltage instability, if the voltage is 10% lower than the rated voltage, it will be like this. In other words, if the electrical appliance fails, such as a broken wire or poor contact, the electrical appliance will not work normally. The cargo is overweight. If the cargo exceeds the rated lifting capacity of the electric hoist, the electric hoist will not be able to lift the cargo. At this time, the staff should check the cargo and reduce it appropriately.

The noise of the reducer is too loud. One reason is that the electric hoist is overloaded and the goods should be reduced in time. The other is that the operation is frequent, and you should stop taking a break.

Sliding down during lifting of heavy objects. There may be two reasons for this situation. The brake ring is worn out, which reduces the pressure of the spring. The brake ring needs to be replaced in time; in addition, if oil stains appear on the brake surface, it will also As a result, braking is unreliable, and the surface needs to be cleaned in time.

The engine temperature is too high, one reason is that the electric hoist has been overloaded, and objects need to be reduced in time. Another reason is that the operation is too frequent. The staff should reduce the frequency of operation and let the equipment take a proper rest.

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