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 Electric hoist operation quality standard

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The quality requirements of the moving hoist track installation technology: After the I-beam material has passed the acceptance, check the deformation during the transportation process, and correct it when the deviation is exceeded. Make the hanging parts strictly according to the atlas requirements. Brush the primer before installation. After installation, the deviation of the actual center line from the horizontal position of the installation reference line shall not be greater than 5mm, and the track upper limit device and buffer device shall meet the requirements of the specification.

Handover of procedures before installation of electric hoist: The buffer devices at both ends of the track or I-beam must be fully installed; whether the support points of the I-beam are constructed according to the drawings and whether the connection is firm; whether the splicing of the I-beam meets the specification requirements. The lower flange must be polished smoothly without jamming the wheels.

Inspection before hoisting the electric hoist: carefully check the reducer of the hoisting part of the electric hoist before hoisting, whether it is filled with lubricating oil according to regulations, and whether the walking part is filled with grease; carefully check whether the electrical control box is wired according to the electrical diagram, and check the lifting The insulation state of the motor and the walking motor; check whether the fixed end of the wire rope is tightened and whether the plug is tight; check whether the control button wiring is correct, the safety rope of the fixed button must be installed; according to the regulations, the hook must be painted yellow and black. Zebra pattern paint, complete hook safety device; wire rope and reel must have three pressure plates at each end, and the bolts must be fastened; the displacer is assembled correctly, and the up and down limit switches are installed correctly.




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