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Electric hoist hook-material selection and introduction of lifting hook

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The hook of the electric hoist plays a very important role in the use of the product. It is a connection point between the heavy object and the hoist. If there is a problem with this connection point, the safety of the construction will be like foam and easily damaged. .


Therefore, when we buy electric hoist hooks, we have very strict requirements for material selection, manufacturing process requirements, use and maintenance and other links. The following hunting and lifting teaches you how to look at the material and selection of electric hoist hooks:



The product material of VOHOBOO electric hoist hook is high-quality alloy steel. Alloy steel has the characteristics of high density, high hardness, corrosion resistance and wear resistance, and is a good manufacturing material.


The forging structure is adopted in the product manufacturing process. This structure can effectively prevent the hook from breaking suddenly. Even if it is used under overload conditions, it will only slowly deform without sudden breaking. , This can provide a time buffer, effectively reduce the incidence of accidents, and protect the safety in the process of cargo hoisting.



It is one thing to buy a hook of good material, but another aspect is to carry out maintenance work when using it. In the process of daily use, we only need to clean it after use, and regularly apply anti-rust grease to it to prevent corrosion after rust. In addition, it is best not to overload during daily use, to avoid deformation caused by large tension, which affects the accuracy during use.



As for the material aspects and basic knowledge of electric hoist hooks, I believe everyone has already understood it. Knowing more about the basic knowledge of all aspects of electric hoist will enable us to better use and maintain it.





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