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Electric chain hoists should avoid illegal operations on construction sites

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The electric chain hoist is widely used. If the electric chain hoist is used on the construction site, we must pay attention to avoid illegal operation, otherwise it will not only shorten the service life, but also may cause accidents and various dangers. We should keep the following in mind when using:


1. Please remember to make sure that the motor has completely stopped before performing reverse operation. It is strictly forbidden to reverse operation suddenly.


2. The electric chain hoist must be replaced once a year when the electric chain hoist is under the action of impact force and the operating frequency is high.


3. After the chain is broken, it cannot be welded by itself, and the whole chain must be replaced.


4. The structure and parts of the electric chain hoist shall not be modified or destroyed, and overloading, manned, horizontal pulling and oblique lifting, excessive shaking or throwing are prohibited.


In order to prevent accidents, when operating the electric chain hoist, especially in dangerous environments such as construction sites, attention should be paid to strengthening safety operations. During the lifting of the transport object, it is forbidden for any person to pass or stay under the hoist, and the working area is limited. Do not cross-operate up and down in the same range, especially in high-voltage dangerous areas, and take safety protection measures. Dangers are everywhere, but as long as you pay more attention to use, you will surely nip the danger in the bud.






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