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Electric chain hoist maintenance and repair

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1. Do not expose the crane to outdoor rain, so as not to affect the long-term durability of the host. If you need to install it outdoors, please use a canvas or plastic cover to cover the main unit or set up a canopy to prevent the main unit from raining. Do not use a sealed method.

2. Main engine gearbox lubrication: After using for 800 hours, please change the oil and check every three months. If it is not enough, please add oil.

3. Daily inspection.

Please operate up and down for 2 minutes under no-load conditions before daily work, and check the following points:

3.1- Please use the meter to check if the voltage is normal

3.2 - Is the motor operating normally?

3.3-The chain runs smoothly

3.4-Whether the limit switch cuts off the power when the hook is moved to the apex

3.5 - Is the brake device normal?

3.6-The lower hook safety tongue is firm

3.7-The chain is dry and oil-free

3.8-Check if the chain bag is damaged

4. month maintenance

4.1-limit switch inspection and maintenance

Please push the limit switch up and down by hand to check whether the action is flexible. If there is any inflexibility, please add grease to the push shaft.

4.2-Check if the screws of all parts of the mainframe are firm and not loose.

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