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Electric chain hoist handle control switch

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Product name: Rainproof push button switch

First, the scope of application

Suitable for circuit control system with AC 50Hz or 60Hz, voltage up to 380V, DC working voltage up to 220V. GB 14048.5 standard.

Second,Model and meaning

"A" means with main power switch,

"B" means with start stop switch.

Third, normal working conditions and installation conditions

1. The ambient air temperature is: -5 degrees to +40 degrees, which itself does not exceed +35 degrees within 24 hours

2. Altitude: no more than 2000M

3. Atmospheric conditions: At a maximum temperature of +40 degrees, the relative humidity of the air does not exceed 50%, and a higher relative humidity can be allowed at the allowed temperature, such as 90% at +20 degrees. Occasionally, special measures should be taken for condensation.

4. Pollution level: 3

5. Installation category: Type II

6. no significant shaking, shock vibration and no rain and snow

7. in the medium without explosion danger, and there is no crack in the medium to corrode metal and destroy insulation gas and dust

Fourth, the main parameters and technical performance

Lead resistance less than or equal to 50M

Mechanical life instantaneous 1 million times, emergency stop self-locking button 50,000 times

Emergency stop self-locking button 50,000 times, other 500,000 times (with 1200 times / 1200 times hours)

Protection level IP44





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