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Does the electric hoist need to be maintained every day?

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After purchasing the electric hoist, the general staff will tell us that it needs regular maintenance. If the staff does not specify it, it is also stated in the manual. Its maintenance work is very important, not only can reduce component damage, but also extend its use to a certain extent Longevity, improve safety factor.

The maintenance frequency of the electric hoist is proportional to the frequency of use. If it is used every day, it needs to be cleaned and maintained after each use. If it is not used for a long time or occasionally used once, then the maintenance frequency can be reduced. In this case, you can clean the dust regularly and apply a proper amount of grease. The purpose of this is to avoid rusting of the parts.

There is no specific time for the maintenance of electric hoist. The frequency of maintenance for each user's use situation is different. We can formulate corresponding maintenance measures according to our own frequency of use.





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