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Do you understand common senses of cranes?

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VOHOBOO is a large-scale equipment manufacturer engaged in cranes and cranes. Recently, we have received some inquiries from customers, many of which are related to common sense questions about cranes. Now we will give you a unified introduction to common sense about cranes.

Ordinary overhead cranes are generally driven by electricity. The operator either manipulates in the drivers cab or remotely controls the operation of the equipment. Sometimes the overhead crane products can reach hundreds of tons and the span can reach about 60 meters. It includes two parts: mechanical part and electrical part. There are various styles of mechanical part. Many categories of crane cranes are classified according to different mechanical parts, such as bridge type, portal type, single beam, double beam and so on.

In order to ensure the normal operation of the crane, it is necessary to carry out daily inspections to ensure the integrity and safety of the equipment. When the binding is not firm, the base part is overloaded, the heavy object being lifted is human, or the lifting The transportation of flammable, explosive and dangerous goods without safety protection measures are not allowed to use cranes for cargo lifting.

I hope that the sharing of common sense about these hangings can help everyone. If you want to know about other consultations, you can continue to pay attention to VOHOBOO's consultation!





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