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Daily maintenance of electric hoist in crane equipment

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Electric hoist is the most common operating mechanism in single-girder cranes. Its quality directly determines the service life of crane equipment. When purchasing hoisting machinery, we choose the electric hoist brand with good quality and after-sales. In the daily maintenance of the electric hoist is also crucial, we have to pay attention to the following six aspects, in order to maintain the electric hoist as much as possible:


1. The place where the electric hoist is kept should be kept clean, dry and ventilated;

2. After the electric hoist is used, it should be thoroughly cleaned before being used in the storage place;

3. The electric hoist should be lubricated and maintained regularly to ensure that the lubrication points on the electric hoist maintain a good lubrication state;

4. electric hoist is mostly metal material, easy to be eroded by rust and corrosion factors, so it is necessary to protect the electric hoist rust corrosion parts, such as applying anti-corrosion oil (lacquer);

5. The long-lost electric hoist also needs to be taken out regularly to avoid problems such as jamming and condensation of components;

6. The various line devices equipped on the electric hoist are mostly made of rubber material, so the electric hoist should not be exposed to strong light for a long time.





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