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Crane maintenance method

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The good maintenance and maintenance not only directly affect the safety of crane machinery, but also determine whether the crane machinery can maintain the follow-up vitality and extend the service life, thereby creating more economic benefits. During the long-term use of the crane, some components and connectors are inevitably loose, corroded, aging, and damaged due to vibration, friction, and other factors. In order to extend the service life of the crane, reduce the equipment failure rate, and reduce and eliminate hidden dangers, it is also very important to regularly perform equipment maintenance work on the crane. Only frequent inspection, maintenance and maintenance of the crane, lubricating the parts that need to be lubricated, firming the parts that need to be tightened, and repairing and replacing the vulnerable parts can timely eliminate the hidden troubles of the equipment and reduce accidents. The incidence rate enables the operation of cranes to create economic benefits.

As a user of cranes, in addition to requiring operators to strictly abide by the technical specifications and operating procedures of relevant special equipment, they should also pay great attention to their maintenance and maintenance. While the equipment creates economic benefits for production, it must also invest part of the funds in the crane Equipment maintenance and maintenance work, regular maintenance, timely repairs to ensure equipment.





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