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Correction and treatment method of chain hoist lifting chain knot

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If the chain hoist hoisting chain is knotted, the lifting operation of heavy objects will not be able to be carried out. If you continue to pull hard, the chain will easily break, and the consequences will be very serious. So how to deal with the knot in the chain.


After the chain hoist lifting chain is knotted, first drop the heavy object to the ground to unload the heavy object, then smooth the chain, apply lubricating grease to reduce the friction of the chain, and pull the chain to check whether the chain can run smoothly. Run smoothly before continuing to tie up heavy objects for lifting.


When the chain hoist lifting chain is knotted, it must not be pulled violently to avoid damage to the chain. You can refer to the above methods to ensure safe operation.


If the chain hoist chain is damaged, it cannot continue to be used, and a new chain should be replaced, so as to ensure the safe operation of the chain and avoid accidents.


The lifting chain should be operated in a standardized manner during use. Overloading and slanting lifting of heavy objects are strictly prohibited, and a dry and ventilated place should be selected for storage.


The chain hoist lifting chain is regularly cleaned and maintained, and lubricating grease and anti-rust grease are applied to prevent the chain from rusting, corrosion, and damage, shortening the service life of the chain, and reducing the cost of replacing parts.





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