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Consequences and hazards of the chain electric hoist stuck

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Electric chain hoist is also known as chain electric hoist. Electric chain hoist is an electric hoist that lifts heavy objects with a chain. From this point of view, the chain is an important part of the electric hoist. To the phenomenon that the electric hoist appears to be stuck, the damage of the stuck chain to the electric hoist is very serious. Let's take a detailed understanding of it below.


1. The phenomenon of chain jamming in the electric chain hoist is likely to cause the chain to be stuck inside the machine and unable to run, causing damage to the internal parts, reducing the safety of the operation and shortening the service life of the components.


2. The chain electric hoist chain reduces the work efficiency, affects the normal lifting operation, and also accelerates the wear between the gears and reduces its service life.


3. The electric chain hoist card chain is also easy to burn the motor, causing damage to the electric hoist, and may even reach the standard of scrapping in serious cases.


From the above three phenomena, we know that if the electric chain hoist is stuck, it will be dangerous and harmful to our work and the electric hoist itself. Therefore, the electric chain hoist must be checked before use. If the chain is twisted or knotted, it should be smoothed in time to prevent accidents.





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