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Comparison between electric hoist and hand hoist

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The difference between electric hoist and hand hoist is that one electric, one manual, electric is more labor-saving than manual. In addition, electric hoist hoisting has more advantages and characteristics: 

The electric hoist hoisting method does not need to set up the traction device, anchor point and other stable support system separately, which can save the whole installation and hoisting project a lot of time and workload of setting rigging and related supporting equipment. 

The electric hoist hoisting method is suitable for very difficult narrow and narrow construction sites, even in very dense and dense equipment communities. 

The electric hoist hoisting method can reduce the laying of the aisle between the device edge and the equipment foundation, save a lot of measure cost, save the installation time at the same time, and can complete the equipment installation work quickly. 

Electric hoist hoisting method can reduce the traditional manual hoist a large number of human work, at the same time, each electric hoist chain control, can be promoted synchronously, to avoid excessive personnel, command errors caused by the tilt and emphasis of the equipment. At the same time, personnel do not have to set up a high-altitude platform for operation, only a special operator can cooperate with the lifting operation on the ground, which reduces the risk of high-altitude operation. At the same time, the personnel operation can be far away from the hoisting area, and the personal safety of the personnel is greatly improved. 

For the installation and hoisting process of large-scale equipment, we should pay attention to the rationality of the construction scheme, and the rationality of the scheme mainly refers to the specific conditions of the construction environment, and the equipment arrives late. Steel structure frame or building workshop has been completely or partially closed and other narrow space operation, the use of electric hoist hoisting technology for operation, safe, economical and practical.

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