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 Comparative advantages of chain electric hoist and bridge crane

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Now with the development of industry, the application of electric hoist in the society is becoming more and more widespread, which greatly facilitates people's life and work. As one of many crane brands, electric hoist cranes have excellent performance in all aspects and are in the industry Has a good reputation. So what advantages does it have compared to ordinary cranes?


1. The electric hoist crane adopts the standard chain package design, which can gather the internal chains and prevent redundant chains from affecting the machine's own operating efficiency. Traditional cranes do not have this feature, and the chain is relatively loose. When the machine is in specific operation, the operating efficiency of the machine will be greatly reduced because the response of the chain is not timely.


2. The motor unit of the electric hoist is sealed in a steel ring cylindrical structural housing. This operation not only makes it easier to load and unload itself, but also makes future maintenance very convenient. It can also provide permanent protection for the motor. Ensure that the motor is protected from external influences.


3. The brake system is adopted as the multiple disc motor mode. This system enables the operator to precisely control the equipment and can complete some industrial operations with high accuracy. Moreover, this braking system also has the advantage of being able to quickly stop the machine's operation when the equipment fails, and to inspect all parts of the equipment in a timely manner to minimize the damage caused by equipment failure to itself.


4. Clutch with overload protection device. Compared with ordinary crane clutches, this clutch has high safety and reliability. In actual lifting operations, the lifting objects that are often required are very large. The internal composition and materials of the objects cannot be accurately evaluated. When the equipment is running, the weight of the objects may exceed the machine's tolerance. This can cause damage to the machine itself. However, using the overload protection clutch device can perfectly avoid this. When the weight of the object exceeds the range that the equipment can bear, it will automatically stop running to avoid damaging the machine itself.





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