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Common sense of motor use of electric chain hoist

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The electric hoist needs to use the motor to generate power to power it, so as to achieve the purpose of lifting heavy objects up and down. Although the electric chain hoist provides great convenience to our work, its safe use also requires us to always pay attention. Let's take a look at the common sense of the use of motors.


The role of the electric chain hoist motor is very important. The quality of the motor not only determines our work efficiency, but also determines our personal safety. Therefore, users are required to be familiar with the common sense of the use of motors.


1. Before use, the user needs to understand some key technical parameters such as the rated voltage, rated current, rated power of the motor, so as to facilitate our safe selection.


2. Before use, the user needs to carefully check whether the power cord has cracks and the danger of falling off, so as to prevent leakage during operation.


3. Before use, let the motor perform a short no-load test to see if there is any abnormal phenomenon and abnormal sound, otherwise it will be very dangerous to wait until it is checked during the working process.


4. Before use, confirm whether the motor can be powered on normally and run normally.


In short, before using the electric chain hoist, we must do all the preparations to ensure that everything is safe and then carry out the lifting work. This is the guarantee of our safe operation, and we must be responsible for our safety.





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