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Common failures of electric hoist brakes

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The two common failure modes of electric hoist brakes are brake failure and the total amount of glide is too large. Will directly affect the braking effect of the electric hoist.

Under normal circumstances, the interval of brake accessories often exceeds 80 mm. Check the surface of the accessories and find excessive wear. In this case, you can loosen the screws that connect the brakes, remove the fan gear, remove the excessive oil stains attached to the surface, and adjust the nut slightly to achieve the appropriate interval. If the spring shows a tendency to fatigue, the spring should be replaced. If the brake ring is damaged, it is difficult to ensure the interval. It is necessary to replace the brake ring, replace the inherent accessories, and dip the added brake ring with a small amount of clean water to facilitate the mosaic.

Another type of failure is when the electric hoist is activated, the brake is difficult to be opened. This is because the set interval is too small, or the back cover is corroded. At this time, the nut can be fine-tuned to lock and increase the interval between each other, or the back cover can be removed, and then proceed to clean.

The self-weight of the electric hoist is not large, its own volume is very small, at the same time, the structure is compact, the specifications of the accessories are many, and the categories are very complete. In addition to being able to operate independently, the electric hoist can also be connected to electric trolleys and various types of manual vehicles for easy assembly. The hanging electric hoist can be laid on the beam body and on the crane.





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