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Civilized construction and safe construction are equally important in electric hoist construction

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In the daily construction of electric hoists, civilized construction and safe construction have the same essence, but more prominent safety issues and more attention are paid, and civilized construction has a relatively weak understanding.

Civilized construction measures: materials, machinery and equipment, and electrical components should be placed reasonably according to the customized management requirements of the project department. The waste products after shifts must be recycled and treated in a timely manner, so that the materials are clean and the site is clear, creating a good The construction environment; the materials, machinery and equipment used at the construction site should be placed neatly and orderly according to the designated location and strictly comply with the requirements of the relevant civilized site regulations.

Electric hoist safety construction measures: personnel entering the site must wear safety helmets, safety shoes and other necessary security supplies; construction personnel must operate in strict accordance with the operating rules and must not operate in violation of regulations; carefully check the ropes, cables, and cards used for lifting before lifting Tools, etc., should meet the lifting requirements before they can be lifted; the signal sent by the hoisting site commander must be clear and understand that each operator must be the deputy commander and concentrate on the operation to prevent accidents caused by paralysis; the hoisting area must have a A full-time safety personnel is responsible for on-site supervision of safe construction; make pre-shift inspections and make location safety records; when lifting glass personnel, they must stay away from the dangerous area under the hoisting device; warning signs are set in the construction area, and the warning line is pulled, prohibiting Unrelated persons enter the dangerous area under the hoisting.

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