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Check these accessories of electric hoist monthly to ensure safe use

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The monthly inspection of the electric hoist can find some abnormalities in the accessories in time, which can reduce the occurrence of some safety accidents. The monthly inspection items of the electric hoist include brakes, limit devices, lifting and walking motors, current collectors, cables, electric control boxes, and electrical boxes , Button handles, couplings, reducers, rope guides, wire ropes, etc.

Brake: The brake is sensitive and reliable during lifting and running, and the load is not slipping. Remove the motor cover to check that the brake fixing bolts are not loose.

Limiting device: The walking limit and rising limit of the hook are visually accurate and reliable. After the hook hits the ground, there are 3-5 loops of the wire rope on the reel, and the anti-collision block at the end of the track is intact and undamaged, and the test machine confirms it.

Hoisting and walking motors: no abnormal noise during operation. The wiring is not damaged, the temperature of the motor is normal, and the insulation resistance to the ground is greater than 1.5 megohms. The carriages on both sides travel synchronously. Remove the junction box to measure, and test machine to confirm.

Collector: The rotation of the collector pulley should be flexible without obvious wear. The connecting bolts must not be loose, and the insulator must not be loose and damaged. The elasticity must not be lost. The pentagon of the collector fixing bracket walks smoothly.

Cable: The cable must not have defects such as trauma, abnormal bending or twisting, and aging. The connection between the cable and the switch must not be loose, and the support wire must not be loose.

Electrical box: The electrical components are installed tightly, the wiring is not loose or damaged, the terminals have no signs of burning black, the action is normal, the aerial plug is not damaged or loose, and the electric control box door is fastened. Replace all electrical components once every three years.

Button handle: reliable action, normal power, no damage to the shell, no missing buttons, no magnetic switches, no loosening of the receiver circuit, test machine confirmation.

Coupling: The coupling has no abnormal wear and the spline shaft is not twisted. Confirm disassembly.

Reducer: There is no wear on the gear, no abnormal noise in the bearing, disassembly confirmation.

Rope guide: the rope guide is properly tight, the guide is correct, no job-hopping, visual confirmation of appearance.

Wire rope: The surface is well lubricated, without broken wires, strands, or twists, and the rope ends are fixed reliably.





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