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Can the parts of the electric chain hoist be replaced at will?

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Electric chain hoist is a new type of lifting equipment, which has many advantages such as small size, light weight and high efficiency. It is widely used in different industries and is constantly replacing some wire rope electric hoists. The electric chain hoist is composed of multiple parts. It is inevitable that some faults and problems will occur in the process of use, which will lead to the damage of a certain part. So do we replace the parts ourselves?


First of all, when there is a problem with the electric chain hoist accessories, we can ask the manufacturer for after-sales treatment, and try to maintain and replace it by professionals, so as to ensure the safety performance of the whole machine.


Secondly, the model, specification, material and size of each part of the electric chain hoist are different. If we replace it by ourselves, we must try to buy the accessories of the original manufacturer's original specifications and materials.


Finally, the electric chain hoist manufacturer recommends that you try not to replace the parts of the electric chain hoist when they are damaged. They should be replaced by the manufacturer during the warranty period. Do not disassemble it without authorization, in order to avoid tens of thousands of greater losses.


Warmly remind everyone that if users of electric chain hoists are not professional enough to replace parts by themselves, it is easy to have a certain impact on other parts during the assembly process, leaving certain safety hazards for future lifting operations. Broken electric hoist accessories should be repaired and replaced by professionals.





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