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Can the chain of the 5 ton electric chain hoist accessory be universal?

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The chain is one of the accessories of the 5 ton electric chain hoist. It is an important accessory to carry the entire lifting, because the chain is also one of the most worn parts during use. If it is not properly maintained, it will be easily damaged after a period of use. , Some users have a convenient picture, and always feel that it can be used by installing a chain of an electric hoist of the same tonnage. Can it be used in the end?

This is not possible. First of all, if the chain is not made by the same manufacturer, the craftsmanship is different, and the installation details will be different, which will cause a mismatch. Even if it is reluctantly installed, it will not be smooth to use and cannot be used forcibly. May cause dangerous consequences.

If the chain is worn to the extent that it needs to be replaced, you need to find the chain of the same electric hoist to replace it. That is, where you bought the product at that time, go where to buy the chain of the same tonnage and the same model. This is the most suitable and most suitable chain.





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