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Can a 3 ton electric chain hoist work continuously for a long time?

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Electric chain hoists are used in many places in some workshops and factories. Because of their small size and convenient operation, they only need to press and carry the remote control when using, which is very convenient. The equipment also quickly occupy the market with its own excellent performance. Because it facilitates people's lives, people love it more deeply, so the frequency of use will increase, but be careful to let the equipment rest after using it for a period of time to avoid fatigue using electric chain hoists.


Electric chain hoist cannot work continuously for a long time, because continuous work will make the motor hot, and it may burn out the motor if it is in a high heat state for a long time, and the lubricating oil between the parts will correspondingly decrease, resulting in wear and tear. So try to have a rest time to ensure that the heat generated can be fully dissipated, and remember to not cover the fan when using it, to ensure good ventilation, and the other point is not to run for a long time, which will speed up each The degree of wear between parts, the old saying speeds up, affects the service life


The above is the reason why we do not let the electric chain hoist continue to work. If a product is to be used for a long time, it must be used in a standardized manner and maintained regularly.





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