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Briefly describe the inspection of electric hoist I-beam track

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Electric hoists are generally equipped with I-beam tracks for hoisting work, and I-beams mainly realize the function of walking left and right. Before the electric hoist is installed, the I-beam track needs to be inspected. It must be free of impurities and safe before lifting. The specific inspection requirements are as follows:

1. Before installing the electric hoist, check the section, straightness and twist of the I-beam track.

2. Use a level to measure the elevation and levelness of the track. The longitudinal inclination of the top of the track to its design position should be 1/1000. Measure one point every 2m, and the whole height difference shall not be greater than 10mm; the elevation tolerance of the top surface of the track is ±10mm, and the elevation contrast of two parallel tracks in the same section should be 10mm.

3. The bending of the I-beam track in the horizontal plane along the length direction, the allowable deviation within the measuring length of every 2m is ±1mm. The lateral inclination of the I-beam track should not be greater than 1/100 of the track width.

4. The gears on the track should be installed before hoisting the crane.

5. The quality of orbital welding should meet the relevant regulations of electrofusion welding, and the top and side welds of the joint should be polished smooth.




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