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Brief introduction of explosion-proof electric hoist lifting mechanism

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The lifting mechanism of the explosion-proof electric hoist is the explosion-proof wire rope electric hoist, which is mainly composed of explosion-proof motor, coupling, reducer, transmission shaft, reel, wire rope, hook group, limit switch and other components.

The explosion-proof motor is BZD type explosion-proof cone-rotor three-phase asynchronous motor, rated voltage 380V, rated power 50Hz, insulation class F, explosion-proof class DIIBT4. The reducer adopts an explosion-proof electric hoist special reducer.

The reel is made of seamless steel pipe. The deflection angle of the wire rope is less than 3.5°. Both ends of the reel are equipped with more than two safety rings and three fixed rings. The pressing plate and bolts are firm and reliable. The wire rope adopts high quality wire rope to meet the normal needs of cranes.

The explosion-proof type of the explosion-proof electric hoist is "explosion-proof", which has light weight, small size and large lifting capacity. When the workshop is filled with explosive mixtures, it is beneficial to improve working conditions and increase labor productivity under the premise of ensuring safety. Tools are necessary mechanical equipment for production.




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