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Brief introduction of assembly process of chain block

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As a key process equipment and important auxiliary machinery, chain hoists are widely used. A complete operation cycle includes picking, lifting, and unloading. Then return to the original place and other links. The basic characteristics of hoisting machine chain hoists when starting, braking, forward and reverse movements are frequent. The assembly process of the chain hoist is as follows:

The assembly process of the chain hoist: First, the hydraulic press is used to complete the pressing of the left wall panel, the right wall panel and the outer wall panel and accessories. The press accessories include: the steel sleeve and bearing ring on the left wall panel, and the right wall panel. Steel sleeves, bearing rings, support rods, pawl pins, steel sleeves are pressed on the outer wall plate, and the toothless short shaft is pressed into the spline hole of the tooth. Then in the small assembly, the main assembly parts are: hook and cable plate; pawl mounted on the pawl pin and pawl spring on the right wall panel.

After that is the assembly of the whole hoist, the hoisting sprocket is first installed in the bearing ring on the left wall plate (the rotation should be flexible), and the introduction is installed in the introduction hole next to the bearing ring (the introduction plays a role) The heavy chain is wound on the lifting sprocket. When lifting heavy objects, use the introduction to limit the crawling movement trajectory of the chain to prevent the lifting chain from throwing out or exploding), and the baffle is installed in the rectangle below the lifting sprocket. In the hole (the function of the baffle is mainly to prevent the chain from winding on the lifting sprocket), put the right wall plate on the three support rods of the left wall plate, and align the assembly holes in place. Now start to assemble the right wall plate. The spline hole gear is installed on the spline teeth of the hoisting sprocket journal, and a proper amount of butter is applied to the toothless long shaft for lubrication, reducing wear, and then inserted into the center hole of the hoisting sprocket (the installation should be flexible ); When the piece gear is assembled, the piece gear and the toothless stub shaft are pressed together, that is, one end of the toothless stub shaft is installed in the corresponding steel sleeve holes on both sides of the lifting sprocket. Pay attention to the piece gear The “0” position engraved on the upper part, the zero position of the two gears is in line with the toothless long axis. This is because the zero position mark is easy to assemble when processing the gear (if the zero position does not correspond, the There will be noise or jamming when the object is moving), and now the two-stage reduction has been assembled: the toothless long shaft meshes with the piece gear as the I-level transmission gear reduction, and the card gear drives the toothless short shaft and the spline hole gear to mesh as II Grade transmission gears reduce speed, apply a proper amount of butter to the meshing parts of the toothless long shaft and the piece gear, the five-tooth short shaft and the spline hole gear to lubricate and prevent rust, reduce wear and transmission resistance; then use the two external wall panels A steel sleeve hole is sleeved on the other end journals of the two five-tooth short shafts, so as to ensure that the center distance will not change, and also play a role of supporting and fixing. Then connect the upper hook to the left and right wall panels. The hook hole corresponds to inserting the upper hook shaft into the hole (the hook needs to swing and rotate flexibly). Install the hand cover to fix the external wall panel, and tighten the three nuts.

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