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Bridge crane trolley shifting mechanism

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Bridge cranes generally consist of bridge frames (also called carts). It consists of lifting mechanism, trolley, trolley transfer mechanism, control room, trolley conductive device (auxiliary slide line), crane total power supply conductive device (main slide line) and other parts.

The trolley is placed on the bridge rail and can move along the width of the workshop. The trolley is mainly formed by welding steel plates, and is composed of a trolley frame, a trolley moving mechanism and a lifting mechanism on it.

Car moving mechanism is composed of car motor, brake, coupling, reducer and wheels. The motor of the trolley drives the driving wheel of the trolley through the reducer, and drags the trolley to move along the guide rail. Since the driving wheels of the trolley are relatively close, they are driven by one motor.

There are two transmission forms of the carriage moving mechanism: one is the reduction gearbox between the two driving wheels; the other is that the reduction gearbox is installed on one side of the carriage. The reduction gearbox is installed between the two driving wheels, so that the torque the transmission shaft bears is relatively uniform; the reduction gearbox is installed on the side of the cart, which makes installation and maintenance more convenient.





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