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Application and use requirements of lever hoist

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The lever hoist can be used for traction, hoisting, lifting and other operations in various projects. In addition to being used in horizontal and vertical directions, it can also be operated on slopes, uneven roadways, narrow roadways, and tortuous working conditions. It can also be used in any place and in an environment without power. The requirements for using the lever hoist are as follows;

1. When using the lever hoist, the lifting capacity is not allowed to exceed the allowable load, and it should be used in accordance with the marked lifting capacity.

2. It is not possible to lengthen the handle arbitrarily during use, because the lifting capacity of the lever hoist is limited, and the two-hand lever force is also of a certain magnitude. The extended handle will cause the lever hoist to be overloaded and cause damage to the components.

3. Always check the wire rope for wear, kinks, broken wires, and broken strands, and replace those that do not meet safe use.

4. The lever hoist shall be thoroughly inspected and tested before use, and shall be maintained after use.

5. Because the working principle of the lever hoist is to clamp the steel wire rope alternately with clamps, it is required to use a steel core wire rope instead of a hemp core wire rope. Because the hemp core rope is soft and elastic, it is easy to clamp after the clamp. The phenomenon of loosening is not safe.

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