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 Analysis of Causes for Deformation of Various Metal Structures of Bridge Cranes

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Friends who have seen bridge cranes should know that it is a large-scale production equipment. Therefore, in actual use, due to various factors, the equipment may have many unexpected situations, and the deformation of the crane structure is common among them. One of the existence. And the work we have to do is to analyze the causes of the deformation and how to eliminate it.

Many parts of the bridge crane are made of metal structures, so these parts are prone to deformation, and the causes of deformation at different locations are different. such as

1, the main beam deformation

The main beam of the crane is obviously deformed and can be easily found, so its upper arch will be reduced. The cause of this phenomenon is nothing more than the effect of structural internal stress; machine overload use, the impact of the working environment; unreasonable operating procedures and so on.

2, web deformation

The web is a component of the main beam, which is generally obtained by splicing, so the effect of the internal stress of the welding and the flatness of the steel plate itself do not meet the requirements, etc., which are the causes of the deformation.

In view of the above deformations, there are many ways to eliminate them. The more common and effective methods are prestressed steel bar tensioning method, prestressed steel wire rope tensioning method, flame correction method, etc., and the safe operation of the crane can be ensured after the deformation is eliminated.





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