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Advantages of JIB crane

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The wall JIB crane is a relatively economical heavy-duty material handling solution. It can be used to lift large loads and meet high production efficiency requirements. The lifting capacity can reach 5 tons and the span can reach 7 meters. Its advantages are as follows:


Mobile and portable: ultra-light cantilever crane common copper bushing and high-strength brass graphite for easy rotation and precise positioning;


Quiet: The weld-free, one-piece bracket assembly provides a strong guarantee for tranquility;


Full rated load application: 15% of the rated lifting weight of the cantilever crane is the total weight of the hoist and hoist trolley, and 25% is the hitting load, which effectively covers the efficient use of the weight of the jib;


Lightweight installation: Single lever, both ends of the cantilever crane are right-handed for easy leveling; all parts including the stop block are bolted.

JIB crane 5 ton (5)




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