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A suitable working environment is the key to the use of electric chain hoists

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When the electric chain hoist is working, if we want the electric hoist to complete the work more efficiently and quickly, the premise is that we need to find a suitable work and development space for it. Only a suitable working environment can the electric chain hoist exert its higher performance. .

The term "chain electric hoist" is actually composed of two parts, "chain" and "electric hoist", each of which must be reasonably allocated:


1. The chain and the sprocket are matched. Find a suitable chain for the sprocket or a suitable sprocket for the chain. In short, ensure that the two can be integrated with each other, can be meshed well, and can rotate smoothly.

2. The carrying capacity of electric chain hoist is large or small, so we have to choose a suitable motor to ensure that it can give him enough power to drive its work. At the same time, a large motor can drive a small weight, but a small motor cannot drive a large one. weight.

3. Each motor is a rated value determined by the manufacturer’s technical personnel after comprehensive consideration and design. Therefore, the power supply voltage provided must be consistent with the rated value, and the fluctuation cannot be too large.

4. Provide a suitable operating environment for the electric chain hoist, and the operating range should not be too small, so as not to affect the performance of the electric hoist.

5. The method of operating the electric hoist should be standardized, and the after-use maintenance and maintenance work of the electric hoist should be done.

6. The electric chain hoist is equipped with complete facilities.


Whether the electric chain hoist can maximize its value depends on whether we can use the equipment correctly. The electric chain hoist produced by our company has complete configuration, complete functions, safe and reliable operation, and can benefit from its maximum value. It is your ideal choice.





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