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Soft Starter Crane Motor With Integration

RQQ series are soft start driver, which is used for electric single girder,double hoists girder, gantry cranes and other lifting equipment. It’s a new type integrated driver for both big and small trolley
  • RQQ series


  • RQQ II

  • crane traveling motor with gear box

  • 380V, 50HZ / Customized

  • Totally Enclosed

  • F or Customized

  • B5

RQQⅠ type driver is a integrated soft start driver for electric single girder, double girder hoists, gantry cranes lifting equipment carts driver,etc, as well as the double girder trolley. The installation dimensions is interchangeable with LDA Driver.

Motor Installation Dimension Table

L 314 314 339 365 395
Driver speed table for your reference-The design of the soft start driver is according to M=5Z=49 tooth
contact wheel diameter φ270

running speed 20m/min 30m/min 45m/min 60 m/min 75m/min
output ratio i 12.4 8.28 5.98 4.14 5.1
output rotate speedr/min
M5×Z11 gear
103.2 154.5 214 309 259

1. It is according to current driver’s dimensions, to optimize the design, integrated the soft start motor, reducer and the brake. Thereby improved the installation quality, reduced the assembly time, optimized installation program.Integration driver is with small size, light weight, easy installation and easy-maintenance, compact and beautiful structure.
2. This series soft start driver is equipped with YSE series dual-rotor soft start 3 phase asynchronous brake motor. F-class insulation, IP54 protection class. Motor housing is aluminum alloy, reduced weight and helped motor heat dissipation. So it prevents the motor winding aging easily, extends the lifespan of the motor. Motor adopts cold-rolled silicon steel sheet, (which) enhances the output power, the motor heat condition,starting torque performance.It is much better than hot-rolled silicon steel sheet.

1, Power supply: 50 ± 1% Hz, 380 ± 10%; -15 ℃ ≤ ambient temperature≤45 ℃. relative air humidity ≤85%, The working environment should be no explosion dust and non-corrosive.
2.Protection class IP54, insulation class F.
3.Work quota is S3-25%, 120 times per hour.
4. No rain and exposure , outdoor use should be packed with protective cover.
5.Motor should connect ground line, please refer to the power distribution regulations.
6. Before the motor installed on the device, please make sure the whole system has good and stable operating characters in the unloaded test.
7. After the driver installed on the device, please fill gear oil according to the note that posted on the driver.
8. Automatic braking when power off. 





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