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Large Stock High Quality Dhs Single Speed 1ton 3t 10t Electric Chain Hoist DHS Type Crane

DHS series electric chain hoists are the most famous products of our company.The traits of our products are of reasonable design,advanced structure, remarkable frame, small volume. great wear resistance, big tenacity easy maintenance and durability .
  • DHS


  • DHS electric chain hoists

  • Construction Hoist

  • 220v/380v/415v

  • 1t-10t

  • G80 Load Chain

  • Motor, Bearing, Gear, Gearbox

  • 35 kg

  • 1t-10t

  • 220v/380v/415v

  • 6m-30m(max 100m)

DHS Series Electric Chain Hoist:
1.Load Capacity:

Electric chain hoists, including those labeled as "DHS," are available in various load capacities. The load capacity is a crucial specification, determining how much weight the hoist can lift.
  1. 2.Lifting Mechanism:

    • These hoists use a chain as the lifting medium. The chain is wound around a drum or sprocket, and the lifting action is powered by an electric motor.
  2. 3.Electric Motor:

    • An electric motor provides the power for lifting and lowering the load. The motor is usually designed for efficient and controlled operation.
  3. 4.Control System:

    • Electric chain hoists come with control systems that allow the operator to lift, lower, and control the movement of the load. This may include pendant controls with push-button functionality and, in some cases, options for remote control.
  4. 5.Safety Features:

    • Safety is a paramount concern, and electric chain hoists often include features such as overload protection mechanisms, emergency stop buttons, and limit switches to prevent over-travel.
  5. 6.Compact Design:

    • Electric chain hoists are typically designed to be compact, making them suitable for use in areas with limited space. This is especially important in workshops, warehouses, and construction sites.
  6. 7.Speed Options:

    • Some hoists allow for variable speed control, providing flexibility in handling different loads and applications.
  7. 8.Durable Construction:

    • The construction of electric chain hoists is usually robust, using materials such as steel, to withstand the demands of industrial use.
  8. 9.Mounting Options:

    • Hoists may offer different mounting options, such as hook suspension or trolley mounting, to suit various lifting scenarios.

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