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Factory Supplier Concert Entertainment 0.5 Ton Lifting Crane Equipment Electric Chain Hoist Stage and Stage Chain Hoists

Stage Electric Hoist,This product is a stage dedicated electric hoist, also known as self-climbing electric hoist, Surface black treatment. It is mainly suitable for fixed installation in commercial stage construction field, and is used for stage construction / mobile performance, stage setting, sound and lighting arrangement. Single - control or multi-machine linkage design, to meet your needs for a variety of operations, hanging upside down for its convenience.
  • BCD


  • 0.25-2Ton

  • 220V-440V(accpet Order)

  • Customized Color Acceptable

  • alloy steel

  • Accept

  • 50 kg

  • Electric

  • 220V-440V(accpet Order)

  • 2.2-8.8M/min

  • 0.25-2Ton

  1. Design and Construction:

    • Stage hoists are specifically designed for the unique requirements of the entertainment industry. They often have a sleek and compact design to minimize visual impact during performances.
  2. Electric Motor:

    • Most stage hoists are powered by electric motors, providing smooth and controlled vertical movement. The electric motor allows for precise positioning of loads and can be controlled remotely.
  3. Load Capacity:

    • Stage hoists come in various load capacities to accommodate different weights of equipment, lighting fixtures, and scenic elements. The load capacity can range from a few hundred kilograms to several tons.
  4. Vertical Movement:

    • Stage hoists are designed for vertical movement, allowing them to lift and lower loads with precision. This capability is essential for adjusting the height of scenery, lighting, and other elements during a performance.
  5. Control System:

    • The control system of a stage hoist is typically user-friendly and can be operated remotely. Control options may include pendant control stations, wall-mounted control panels, or even computerized systems for more sophisticated productions.
  6. Variable Speeds:

    • Stage hoists often feature variable speed controls, allowing for smooth and gradual movements. This is crucial for creating dynamic and visually appealing effects during performances.
  7. Safety Features:

    • Stage hoists are equipped with safety features to ensure the protection of performers, crew members, and the audience. These features may include overload protection, emergency stop buttons, and limit switches to prevent over-travel.
  8. Quiet Operation:

    • To avoid disrupting performances, stage hoists are designed to operate quietly. This is particularly important during live events where noise from equipment could interfere with the overall experience.
  9. Modular Construction:

    • Stage hoists are often modular in construction, allowing for easy installation and adaptation to the specific needs of different productions. Modular design also facilitates maintenance and repairs.
  10. Integration with Rigging Systems:

    • Stage hoists are an integral part of rigging systems in theaters and performance venues. They are commonly used with counterweight systems, grid structures, and other rigging components to create complex and dynamic stage setups.
  11. Remote Monitoring and Control:

    • Some modern stage hoists may have remote monitoring and control capabilities, allowing operators to monitor the status of the hoists and make adjustments from a central control room.
  12. Compliance with Safety Standards:

    • Stage hoists are designed to comply with relevant safety standards and regulations to ensure the safety of performers, crew members, and the audience.
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